Friday, August 3, 2012

The FP

Watched July 31, 2012

Starring: Jason Trost, Lee Valmassy, Art Hsu and Caitlyn Folley

This movie is totally awesome!
It takes place in the not too distant future. There are two gangs in the FP  (Frazier Park) and they battle for street cred by having Beat Beat Revelation competitions. JTRO (Jason Trost) and his brother BTRO (Brandon Barrera) are in one gang competing against L Dubba E (Lee Valmassy). In the final battle of Beat Beat, the game pad is connecting to electricity so it can kill you if you don't do well. BTRO is 187'd by L Dubba E and JTRO is devastated by the death of his brother.

One year later JTRO is working at a lumberjack having given up on the gang. His old friend KCDC (Art Hsu) comes to get him,  telling him that the whole FP has been taken over by L Dubba E and he controls the one liquor store in town. Apparently if people can't get their liquor they turn to hard drugs.  Plus all the ducks have left which is a really big deal.  JTRO reluctantly comes back to the FP to avenge his brother.  He's really out of shape so there are multiple training montages to get him back into proper Beat Beat Revolution shape. While he back in town he runs into his crush Stacy (Caitlyn Folley), she is pretty much the worst, but JTRO likes her anyway. There is a spectacularly amazing scene that makes no sense at all.  JTRO has a bad day training so KCDC hands him a tampon since he's so bad he must be a women.  Later that day JTRO is hanging out with Stacy in a playground. She is digging in the sand and JTRO is confused to why she is doing that.  She says she's digging around to find a rag, because this is a good spot to look. WHAT!? Luckily JTRO has a tampon so he gives it to her. We had to rewatch this scene because it was so crazy.  It does show that Stacy is the trashiest, so all the slutty things she does aren't surprising.

Finally JTRO gets good enough to challenge L Dubba E to a major Beat Beat Battle. JTRO wins the Beat Beat Revolution battle, but doesn't kill L Dubba E. This leads to a crazy gunfight. In the end JTRO and his gang win over the town and the ducks come back. I won't spoil the last scene by the lake but it's unexpected and true to character.  I couldn't think of a better way to end the movie.

I have to believe that everyone on this movie had a blast making it.  I love ridiculous battles, especially life and death video game battles. L Dubba E has some of the greatest jumpsuits ever made. The imagery of this movies rules, and the slang is extra ridiculous.  I highly recommend this movie, it's fun, silly and ridiculous.

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