Thursday, November 15, 2012

Miami Connection

Watched November 5, 2012
Special Terrible Movie Night field trip, we watched this on the big screen at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco.

Starring: Y.K. Kim, Vincent Hirsch, Joseph Diamand, Maurice Smith, Angelo Janotti and Kathy Collier.

Yet another gem being released by Drafthouse Films, we caught this just in time as it was making its theatrical run in the bay area.  I was unaware of who Y.K. Kim was/is but was informed by a video before the the film he's a Taekwondo master, motivational speaker and author.  Notice that I didn't count actor in those credits, nonetheless he still wrote, directed and starred in this movie.

It begins somewhere in Florida where a shipment of cocaine is being received by some drug dealers. Suddenly a bunch of ninja show up and beat up everyone and steal the drugs. Unlike a lot of other 80's movies, the ninjas are the bad guys in this one. We then meet our heroes: Dragon Sound, a totally rockin' band that just got a new gig playing the hottest club in town. These five guys are not only in the band together but they all go to Central Florida University. Plus they're all orphans and masters of Taekwondo.

The band that previously had the highly coveted gig are totally pissed that they aren't the house band anymore so they physically attack Dragon Sound.  All the guys in Dragon Sound hold their own and kick some ass.  John (Vincent Hirsch) is dating Jane (Kathy Collier) who has just joined the band as another singer. Jane's brother Jeff (William Eagle) is tied to the evil ninjas and when he first meets John he punches him in the face for no reason.

With the initial set up of a drug deal, I would think that this movie would be about Dragon Sound busting up a drug ring, it's not. It just about some Taekwondo dudes fighting some ninjas. We get to see Dragon Sound play three full songs. They all go on a beach romp together. All the Dragon Sound orphans live at home and there is a subplot about Jim (Maurice Smith) finding his dad that is pretty rad. The last epic battle has Mark (Y.K. Kim)  defeating a ton of ninjas, specifically killing the white ninja who was the ringleader.

The sound is terrible, there are super obvious dubs that don't line up with the actor's mouths. There is a scene where Jeff and the white ninja hang out with some bikers that is ridiculous. There is a fair amount of filler and terrible acting. Jack (Joseph Diamand) gives a pretty great monologue about all the orphans going on a world tour to the countries of their heritage.  Overall it's very silly and fun because it's so ridiculous.


  1. After seeing this movie, I have a newfound appreciation for your watercolor. WTF toe-to-nose grab?

  2. The toe to nose grab happens on stage during a Dragon Sound performance.
    I especially loved the part where Jim cries.
    "My mother was Korean and my father was black American."