Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Howling

Watched May 26, 2013

Starring: Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Dennis Dugan, Christopher Stone.

Karen White (Dee Wallace) is a news reporter who has been getting creepy phone calls from a mysterious man for some time. The News channel she works for has set up a sting to lure this guy out, but he'll only meet Karen alone in a peepshow booth. While Karen watches a terrible rape film, the mysterious man appears and freaks Karen out, at the last moment the cops that were supposed to be closely watching Karen show up and shoot the man. They think that they've killed him but later at the morgue they realize his body has disappeared.

Karen is completely traumatized by the event and her near death experience that she can no longer do her news reporting job. She begins to see a therapist Dr. Waggner (Patrick Macnee) who ends up recommending a retreat in the woods to deal with her trauma. Karen takes her gross husband Chris (Dennis Dugan) and his blond mustache along. The retreat is filled with all sorts of weirdos who swear by Dr. Waggner's treatment. Karen spends most of the time during the retreat running around at night and finding strange things like decapitated cows. Chris is lured by a woman at the retreat who turns out the be a werewolf and they have gross werewolf sex. It turns out that the man Karen was trying to capture, Eddie (Robert Picardo) was actually trying to tell her about this den of werewolves, not murder her.  Everyone at the retreat is a werewolf. As Karen escapes with her co-worker who comes to rescue her, she it bitten. At the end she is reading the news again, looking like a human. Onscreen she announces that she has changed into something unbelievable and the whole world sees her transform as it was the only way to let the world know that werewolves are real.

The werewolf special effects are great. It begins really well and is especially terrifying because of the creepy rape film she is shown. I can't say she's the best reporter, but she does try and she defends herself pretty well. Luckily she has some scooby gang co-workers who figure out the werewolf situation while she's at the retreat. There is an amazing occult store in the movie that just happens to have a big box of silver bullets along with all sorts of information on shape shifters. I would shop there in a second if it really existed.

I did pick up the sequel to this movie as well, so we'll have to see what happens in the second one.

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  1. What's so gross about werewolf sex?
    I often wished they showed her complete transformation at the end. Oh well.
    And the sequel is definitely worth watching. It has a great soundtrack, but overall I'd say it's far less of a "serious" movie than the original. Also make sure to watch the end credits.