Friday, January 31, 2014

Angel of the Night

Watched January 26, 2013

Starring: Maria Stockholm, Mette Louise Holland, Tomas Villum Jensen, Svend Johansen

I didn't know anything about this movie before we starting watching it. The titles are terrible which is usually a bad sign, then I realized that it was dubbed as well. Based on all the blonds in the film I figured it must be Scandinavian and I was right as it's a Danish movie. I actually appreciated the bad dubbing it made it more enjoyable.

Rebecca (Maria Stockholm) has inherited her aunt's country estate. One weekend she heads out to explore the house with her boyfriend Mads (Tomas Villum Jensen) and her best friend Charlotte (Mette Louise Holland.) Her aunt was a well to do historian and a part of a vampire society. The mansion is still filled with furniture and artifacts. They find an old book filled with vampire stories. They flashback to the first story in the 1800's where a relative of Rebecca's is turned into a vampire. This is the only flashback story that has period costumes. We come back and the gang has discovered the crypts where they find a giant bat skeleton. Rebecca wants to keep exploring but Charlotte and Mads want to go party so they leave her in the crypt.

The next vampire story we hear is about the same vampire years later, to stay alive he has to impregnate a woman then once the baby is born drink it's blood. He finds the woman and hypnotizes her into have sex with him. After the fact she realizes she is pregnant and she tells her boyfriend, he is as first excited as the woman can't remember her night with the vampire. It eventually comes back to her and she realizes she going to have a demon baby. A priest from South America finds her and wants to destroy the baby. The vampire, Rico shows up, kills the priest but then the woman swallows some holy water and spits in the Rico's face. It burns his face and causes her to have a demon baby abortion. Then the vampire is weakened, he turns into a bat and is destroyed.

Back to Charlotte and Mads, they get tired of reading the stories and want to go party. Charlotte is still in the crypt where the vampire bat skeleton unleashes a mist that makes her recite a spell that brings the vampire back to life. Charlotte and Mads have sex for some reason when the vampire comes back to life and attacks Charlotte. Rebecca shakes off the mist spell and figures out how to destroy the vampire. Once the vampire is killed it releases her relative and an angel shows up to take him to heaven. Meanwhile the vampire is grabbed by hands and dragged to hell.

This was silly and fun, we did talk a lot during it so I missed some things but the plot was easy to catch up with. I liked the bad dubbing and the late '90s outfits. The holy water abortion is something I've never seen before which was awesome. A nice little vampire tale.

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