Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fright Night part 2

Watched February 16, 2015

Starring: William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall, Traci Lind, Julie Carmen

I'm getting better at watching movies in the order there were made! I saw the original Fright Night not that long ago and really enjoyed it. So it didn't take much for me to see what happens in Part 2.

Charley (William Ragsdale) is now in college and with the help of a Psychiatrist he has worked through the events of Fright Night as just hallucinations as vampires are not real. He's now dating Alex (Traci Lind) who also happens to be a psychology major, so she is supportive of him figuring out why his brain manifested this vampire neighbor. Charley is still friends with Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) who continues to host the Fright Night TV show.

One night, Charley cuts his neck shaving leaving a pretty large wound that he covers with a band-aid. He ends up visiting Peter Vincent that night and as he is leaving Peter's apartment building he sees this alluring and mysterious woman. He goes back to his dorm and has a dream that the lady seduces him. The dream was so vivid that he can't tell if it really was just a dream or it really happened. The mysterious woman continues to allude him and he ends up blowing off Alex to track the vampire aldy down. Even though he has been repressing his night of the vampires he discovers that the woman is a vampire and has a whole posse of vampires with her. 

Alex doesn't believe there are vampires even though Charley keeps acting very strangely. The vampires live on the top floor of the same old apartment building that Peter Vincent inhabits. They throw a huge party where Charley is compelled to come and Regine (Julie Carmen) the mysterious woman does a seductive dance for Charley.

Since Charley keeps breaking their dates, Alex is left alone when Louie (Jon Gries) begins to seduce her. He is part of the vampire gang, even though he looks like a werewolf vampire. Alex continues to evade him before he can bite her.

Regine reveals to Charley that it was her brother in the last movie that he killed. She is out for revenge. She doesn't just want to kill Charley, she wants to make him an immortal vampire so she can torture him forever. 

Regine ends up taking over the Fright Night TV show from Peter Vincent. While in the library studying together Charley and Alex watch this then are attacked by werewolf/vampire Louie. They manage to escape but Charley is captured and has already begun the process of becoming a vampire. He is taking to Regine's apartment.

Peter Vincent and Alex team up and get Charley away from the vampires before they can turn him. But there is big vampire battle. The vampires have a bodyguard who once killed is revealed to be composed of bugs. As the sun begins to rise Regine in bat/goblin form escapes to the basement to hide in her coffin. Luckily Peter Vincent manages to reflect the rising sun onto her, destroying her. 

A great sequel, super fun and the characters make some logical decisions. Jon Gries as a werewolf-y vampire is pretty cool. His receding hairline into a long mane looks crazy. Great prosthetics and special effects, Regine turns into an awesome bat creature. Her death is fantastic as she burned into a walking skeleton. One of the other vampires in burned into a jello goo that is super gross and cool. The first vampire kills is one of vampire gang on roller blades moving through the school. He grabs an art student as as he bites her, the blood splatters on her canvas. Pretty arty and funny stuff.

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