Friday, February 12, 2016

Flesh Eating Mothers

Watched December 1, 2015

Starring: Robert Lee Oliver, Donatella Hecht, Neal Rosen, Valerie Hubbard

It begins with a man out hunting in a snow covered forest. He looks down and is surprised to find that his arm has been ripped off. He turns and shoots his wife.

Jump to the suburbs where we meet a bunch of moms who look the same age as their "teenage" kids. All the moms seem to have various different issues with the men in their lives. Some are divorced, some have abusive husbands, but the commonality is that they are all moms. One on the married men in the neighborhood,  I don't remember anyone's name except for one kid called Rinaldi, works as a freelance lawyer. But he uses that as a front to cheat on his wife and have sex with all the women in the neighborhood. 

 It turns out that his man is a carrier for an STD that only manifests itself in women who've had kids. Once infected it gives these women insatiable hunger, so intense that they become monsters and start eating people, even their own children.

The teenagers in the neighborhood come home to see their moms eating their younger siblings and they know something is up. They all come together to figure out what has happened to their mom.

That is the general plot of this movie, and although completely terrible I would have to say that I loved it! The music is very weird and great. Lots of blood and ripping off of limbs, there is a cat that is ripped in half.

 The VD clinic is a wood paneled basement with handmade signs about VD. The sexy nurse discovers the virus, which when viewed under a microscope is shown as a poorly made cartoon-y animation. All the teens finally make it to the police coroner and they tell him what is happening with their moms. The nurse makes an antidote and each teen has to give it to their own mom, but it does work.

At the end the carrier husband gets his when his face is ripped off. One of the moms eats her toddler. The long island acting is subtle to say the least. But it totally delivers, the plot makes sense, there is lots of gore and several people fall in love. The abused mom has a crazy jaws and she eats her husbands hand.

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