Friday, January 18, 2013

Spice Girls British Invasion Unauthorized & Spicy

Watched January 15, 2013

1997 video

Starring: Sheldon James and a bunch of young tourists around Piccadilly Circus.

This is a great example of trying to capitalize on a trend and failing miserably. Maybe this movie made some money,  I wouldn't be surprised as the Spice Girls were incredibly popular in the late 1990's. Since this is unauthorized they cannot use any of the Spice Girls music. There is a snippet of a midi version of Wannabe at one point, that's the closest you get to hearing any of their music. They also don't have access to any footage of them that isn't already in the public domain. So you mostly get still images of the Girls as well as reoccurring footage of them meeting Prince Charles.

The main premise of the this "documentary" is Sheldon James (not anyone you should have heard of) going to Piccadilly Circus and talking to young people there.  Most people say the they don't like the Spice Girls or they don't speak much English.  He also tries to talk to adults who all say they don't listen to the Girls and they are just another trendy pop band. Whenever a guy is interviewed a text overlay of "spicy guy" pops up. There are also empty locations where the Girls supposedly were at some point and a text overlay of "spicy sighting" appears. We are shown a shoe store where the Girls have bought some of their signature platform sneakers. All this is interspersed with vague details about the Girls personal lives, for the most part they all were dancers in men's clubs before they became superstars.

**Spoiler** So you kind of think they might show some new footage of the Spice Girls by the end of the video but instead you get a bunch of Spice Girls drag queens. It's pretty much the greatest thing ever, and I'm sure this is just what little girls wanted when they got this video. I had recently watched a Backstreet Boys fan video that actually showed all the boys behind the scenes and it was terrible and hard to watch.  This video turned out to be much more enjoyable since it's a huge disaster.  I can easily see a mom buying this video for her daughter back in 1997 and the kid being horrified when the big finale is a bunch of drag queens, not her favorite pop group.

This is such a strange video I tried to find out more about it. It doesn't exist on IMDB, but it is available on Amazon. For the most part the reviews are for Spiceworld,  so I couldn't find any upset girls who watched this expecting to see something about their favorite band.

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