Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Witchcraft III: The Kiss of Death

Watched January 16, 2012

1991 (direct to video and it shows)

Starring: Charles Solomon, Lisa Toothman, William J. Baker, and Leana Hall

I haven't see any of the previous Witchcraft movies and now that I've watched one I'm not planning on seeing any of the 10 that came after.  

William Spanner (Charles Solomon) is a lawyer working trying to prove the innocence of a kid who slept with an older woman who later turned up dead. He is dating Charlotte (Lisa Toothman) a large breasted fashion designer who just sold 50 pieces to Nordstrom!  Enter Louis (Domonic Luciana) a good looking dude (or demon?) who seduces women to steal their soul/essence and then brings it home to his lover Roxy (Leana Hall.)

William Spanner comes home and begins making out with Charlotte but he notices that she is wearing a necklace of a pentagram that belonged to his deceased mother.  He freaks out that she found it and put it on because it reminds him of his witchy heritage. William randomly meets Louis at a bar where they both try to pick up the same woman.  Louis walks this woman home and sucks out her soul.  Later as William and Louis become better friends,  Louis tries to seduce Charlotte and it almost works but William runs in just as they are kissing.

Meanwhile working on his case, William meets Reverend Jondular (William J. Baker) who mostly seems like a witch doctor.  Reverend Jondular feels some special presence in William and tries to convince him to embrace it. 

William has a freaky dream where Charlotte is having sex with Louis in the shower and he knows that Louis is a bad guy. William tries to protect Charlotte by hiding her away but Louis really wants her for some reason. At some point Reverend Jondular dies and leaves William his magic staff. William uses the magic staff to beat the crap out of Louis, as it's the only thing that will defeat him.  After beating up Louis and burying his body, they think that they've won, but Louis pops out of his grave. William breaks the staff in half and stabs Louis through the heart, finally destroying the demon.

The best part, in my opinion, is when Charlotte first meets Louis she is having a fashion shoot at her house. When the models wearing her clothes are shown they are wearing some of the ugliest outfits I've ever seen. All they are is piles of lace and ruffles, and I'm surprised that anyone bought anything she designed.

The special effects are pretty good for the early '90's but for a movie entitled witchcraft there is very little magic happening. William doesn't do any spells he just manages to use the staff that was given to him.  Maybe this is a sequel that involves seeing the previous movies because I was somewhat confused on what the deal with Louis was. Also William has a hilarious California/ surfer Nic Cage accent that really ruins his credibility as a lawyer. 

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