Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's Alive

Watched March 16, 2014

Starring: John P. Ryan, Sharon Farell, James Dixon

Heavily pregnant with her second child, Lenore (Sharon Farell) wakes her husband Frank (John P. Ryan) in the middle of the night to alert him that she's gone into labor. They are very excited to be welcoming their new baby soon, they drop off their 9 year old son with a family friend as they head to the hospital. Lenore's labor progresses quickly and she is taken into the delivery room. Frank waits with the other expectant fathers in the lounge. After some time, Frank gets a feeling that something is wrong. He pushes his way into the delivery room to find his wife still on the table and several doctors and nurses covered in blood and dead on the floor. Lenore tries to explain that her newborn child did this, but it seems unbelievable. The baby is thought to have escaped out of a skylight window. The police are called and Lieutenant Perkins (James Dixon) leads the case. It seems unbelievable that a baby could have murdered so many people. Frank does hear some rustling in the bushes around the hospital. Lt. Perkins questions Lenore about her pregnancy, if anything unusual occurred before she gave birth. 

 ...And this is where, despite my efforts, my open eyes crossed and I started to fall asleep. This movie starts out great, it does have a slow middle, but not any worse than many other terrible movies I've watched. I will have to give it another chance and watch it again, but that is for another day.

I did wake up for the end, but the middle with the baby chase was a blur. I do like Lenore as a character, she's a strong, confident woman who just happened to give birth to a mutant. When she is questioned about irregularities in her pregnancy I didn't hear the answer if she took some Thalidomide type pills that caused the mutated killer baby. I did get some hints that there was some toxic medication or something that was the cause of it. I'm not sure what I would do if I gave birth to a digusting mutant killer baby that I had to love. I feel that Frank and Lenore coped exceptionally well given the circumstances.

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