Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Best Friend is a Vampire

Watched March 2, 2014

Starring: Robert Sean Leonard, Cheryl Pollack, Evan Mirand, Rene Auberjonois, David Warner, Paul Willson

Jeremy (Robert Sean Leonard) is your average horny teenage dude. He has two crushes, blond cheerleader Candy (LeeAnne Locken) and brainy band member Darla (Cheryl Pollack.) He has sex dreams about both of them. He works as a grocery delivery boy and one of his new clients is a sexy older woman who aggressively hits on him. He wimps out while he's on the job but heads over to her house later that night at the prodding of his best friend Ralph (Evan Mirand). Pretty quickly Jeremy is in the woman's bed and things are getting intense, she bites him but they're suddenly interrupted by Professor McCarthy (David Warner) and Grimdyke (Paul Willson). They attack the woman, while Jeremy runs out clad in nothing but a sheet. Ralph and Jeremy drive off as the woman's house bursts into flames.

It turns out that the woman was a vampire and now Jeremy is infected, but he doesn't know that. He feels kinda strange but he still can go out in the sunlight. Prof. McCarthy and his lackey Grimdyke are vampire hunters and they felt it was their job to kill the lady vampire. They saw Jeremy and Ralph escape so they have someone new to track down and destroy. They think that Ralph is the new vampire so they begin following him.

Jeremy has his own stalker, a strange man who pops up randomly. Jeremy doesn't know what exactly is happening to him. He has lost his appetite but it strongly attracted to raw meat but can't bring himself to eat it. Jeremy finds some courage to finally ask out Darla. They go on a pizza date but he unknowingly orders garlic on their pie and Jeremy can't eat it. It's their first date but things go well so they end up at make out point. The only problem is that while kissing Jeremy discovers his fangs. He freaks out, kicks Darla out of the car and drives off. He has no clue what is happening to himself.

The strange man finally introduces himself to Jeremy as Modoc (Rene Auberjonois) a living vampire. He gives Jeremy, who he explains is also a living vampire, a handbook on how to be a vampire. It takes a bit but Jeremy gets into it and stocks his mini-fridge with pig's blood in beer cans. Jeremy even feels like he can make up the terrible date with Darla.

Lots of goofy hijinks ensue as Ralph tries to get away from Prof. McCarthy. In the end, Jeremy lures them into a graveyard where a bunch of vampire babes seduce him. The original lady vampire shows up again, I guess she wasn't killed after all. Being a teenage living vampire isn't so bad after all.

This movie is great, a nice teen horror/comedy. I had seen it before but I was recently gifted a VHS copy and I'm happy to have it in my collection. For some reason I though Twilight was the only movie to make vampires that can go out in the sunlight, but this movie uses that same conceit but actually explains it somewhat logically and makes it fun. No stupid sparkles here. Darla wears some of the strangest outfits I've seen in awhile, it seems like her whole goal is to look like a giant sack. She just piles layers and layers on then tops it off with giant hats.

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