Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blood Moon aka Wolf Girl

Watched January 26, 2013

2001 (TV movie)

Starring: Victoria Sanchez, Tim Curry, Grace Jones and Leslie Ann Warren

As I was looking this movie up on IMDB, I found out the super nerdy kid in this played by Dov Tiefenbach has a role in The FP. He plays the chump that JTRO battles while on meth to get his street cred back. Man, I love the FP. This movie is not The FP.

I had expectations for some horror and gore going into this, which I think is the wrong way to approach this movie. It's a drama that just happens to have some quirky aspects to it. The main girl isn't a werewolf she just has a condition where she has a lot of hair all over her body (Hypertrichosis). The VHS has an awesome lenticular cover that is also a ruse, because it shows a werewolf baring its fangs aggressively, a scene that doesn't happen in the move. There are some surprising elements that reveal that this movie wasn't rated R for the horror aspects.

The time period on this movie was a mystery to me, it appears to be present day until the Sideshow comes to town on horse-drawn carriages. Tara (Victoria Sanchez) is one of the stars of the show as the wolf girl. She does have excessive hair all over her body so it seems like a natural fit. A gang of teenage jerks are hanging out in the woods when the tents begin to be set up, they see her and decide that they'll try to either hit her with a slingshot or kill her, I'm not sure. Cryin' Ryan (Dov Tiefenback) is another teen who is regularly bullied by the roving teen gang. He meets Tara and takes her to his basement where his scientist mom tests on animals. He tells her that they are developing a new back hair removal treatment if she would like to try it. She's game because she has a hard time dealing with being a freak. It takes a while to work but as it does it gives her a thirst for blood and fills her with rage. Tim Curry is the ringmaster of the sideshow and is upset by her now erratic behavior. She doesn't tell anyone that she's trying to get rid of her body hair. The teen gang is lead by Beau (Shawn Ashmore) who during one of the wolf girl shows throws dog poop on Tara. They continue to terrorize her for no good reason. Later on Tara is walking by Beau's house and he has just gotten out of the shower. He is flexing in the mirror with a towel on, the towel drops to reveal his very tiny penis. 

After that we see a sideshow routine of Grace Jones as the half man half woman. As she sings, behind her two women are stripping but at the end their dicks are revealed and they're transvestites! A whole lot more dicks were revealed in this movie considering I expected none.

It ends with Tara going nuts, killing Beau and leaving him dead with his pants down revealing his genitals. She also bites the tongue off of the girl gang member. Now hairless, Tara is left behind as the sideshow leaves for the next stop.  She is last seen looking into a pool of water then disappearing.

Not a horror movie, more a drama with some life lessons about accepting who you are...maybe. I'm not sure if Beau's tiny dick is why he had to act like such an asshole to everyone.  There is a shower scene where you see Tara's hair covered naked body. This was a strange one for sure, don't expect any werewolves though.