Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies go to college

Watched May 18, 2016

Starring: Evan MacKenzie, Kevin McCarthy, Eva LaRue, Patrick Labyorteaux

Ghoulies AKA Comic Book Toilet Demons

This falls into the comedy horror camp, except this one is more just T&A as there are supposed deaths but very little blood. So anyone who was killed could in theory still be alive. There are some awesomely terrible puns which I enjoyed such as a young party goer has a deer head fall onto her head and someone says "What is this a Stag party?" Oh yeah, of course she's topless too.

I haven't seen any of the other Ghoulies movies, but boy have I looked at the poster/cover of a bunch of toilet demons many times. This movie takes place 21 years after the first (and second?) At a college where two frats are taking part in Prank Week. They pull pranks on each other all week long until one emerges victorious and gets to wear the official prank hat. Yes, college is dumb.

In the bathroom of the slob frat, Mookey (Patrick Labyorteaux) finds a comic book in the wall. This bathroom is incredibly disgusting, even for frat standards. He starts to read the comic out loud and it begins to summon the ghoulies, but he doesn't finish the incantation, so the Ghoulies remain trapped in the toilet. Mookey takes the comic to his Mythology class, where Professor Ragnar (Kevin McCarthy) finds and confiscates it. Professor Ragnar hate the prank week as he is often the victim. Looking at the comic book, the images remind him of some mythological demons. He finishes reading the comic book aloud and the Ghoulies are summoned. They now only do the bidding of Prof. Ragnar, and he wants the Ghoulies to stop the frats. The Ghoulies: Rat, Cat, and Frog with abs make it to the Slob frat just after they have all left. The Ghoulies fall into a pile of clothes, so now they look just like college students, except they are a tiny Cat, Rat and Frog demons. They get super drunk. Then they really escalate the prank war. They blow up the campus security guard's little truck with him inside.

The side story adding to the frat war is the slob frat member Skip (Evan MacKenzie) used to date Erin (Eva LaRue) but now she is somewhat interested in the Snob frat member Jeremy (John R. Johnston). Erin eventually figures out she wants to be with Skip, but then the Ghoulies kidnap her. Prof. Ragnar goes totally nuts with the Ghoulies power, but Skip saves Erin and banishes the Professor to the toilet. Prof. Ragnar comes back for one last battle with a face on his stomach, he is  now the super ghoulie depicted in the comic. But Skip throws the comic into the toilet and that destroys the demon Professor.

Lots of boobs, some weird goofy deaths like a lady taking a plunger to the face. It's not great, but I've seen far worse. Still pretty enjoyable considering I haven't seen any of the previous toilet demon movies.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Snake Island

Watched April 22, 2016

Starring: William Katt, Wayne Crawford, Kate Connor, Dawn Matthews

As the opening credits roll it's clear that this movie is a Crawford joint for sure, as Wayne Crawford is the writer, director and star of Snake Island. Another animal attack movie from the early 2000s (see Octopus 2), while this one isn't great it's a whole lot better than Python 2. I've said it many times before but even the worst practical effects hold up better than CGI to the test of time.

In South Africa, a group of tourists are on a riverboat cruise of sorts. I'm not sure where they are headed as it's a ragtag group. The party consists of a couple on their honeymoon, a single white lady, a black lady that is a local, a PH:Professional Hunter, the captain of the boat, a waitress for the boat and another guide. And a writer who specifically wants to stop at Snake Island because he is writing a book about it. The boat stops at Snake Island to drop off the writer, but the Captain also has some supplies to drop off for their friends. Half the group goes gets off on Snake Island, while the other half stays on the boat. The island is suspiciously empty. Back at the boat, a single snake gets onto the boat, they all freak out and in trying to kill it, a hole is created in the boat's gas tank. This means everyone has to get off at Snake Island until they can fix the boat. Snake Island at one point was a resort destination, there are multiple rooms for all the people to stay in. It's still unknown what happened to the people who where supposed to be on the island but it seems like they may have been breeding snakes.

The whole gang gathers that night around the campfire, and luckily one of the ladies brought some cool cd's and they all have a dance party. Some of the ladies even get topless for no reason at all. Even a snake joins in the dancing! A couple sneaks off to the pool and has sex, when they come back everyone has gone to bed. This is when the snakes start to kill. 

The honeymoon couple gets killed, then the single black lady gets snake strangled right outside the shower. But the shower curtain has a great Snake Island Resort logo printed on it.There is a point when one of the snakes calls a lady a bitch, which is nuts. Everyone gets killed by snakes except for the writer and the white lady. They manage to escape across the island on a riding lawnmower. They make back to the boat or another boat...the plot points didn't totally stick with me and I'm writing this several months after I watched it.

It's not great but the choice of live snakes, snake puppets and CGI does work for the most part. It doesn't make any sense why these snakes hate humans but just go with it. They do have a sense of humor about the movie since they added a snake dancing and a snake calling a lady a bitch, which is nuts. It still isn't bad enough or good enough to recommend though.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Terrible Movie Nights issue 5

Alright! I finished another issue of my zine. It took me awhile to get this one together because I had a baby, which has me slowing down on watching movies in general, but I watch them when I can. If you're a Jill Schoelen fan, there are two of her movies in here: Popcorn and Cutting Class. I just watched Rich Girl too, so she seems to be unintentionally popping up lately. You can order a copy in the store.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Watched January 12, 2016

Starring: Loni Anderson, Andrew Stevens, Jamie McEnnan, Jennifer Love Hewitt

I'm sure I said this when I watched Nukie, but I have a hard time with kid's creature movies, especially the really bad ones. Even while making fun of them I find little to enjoy because it has to be family friendly.

This is a super weird sequel to Munchies, a movie I haven't seen but seems like a Gremlins rip off. The original munchies don't seem to look like the Munchie in this movie, so a fair amount of artistic license seems to have been taken. This is such a weird kids movie

In the 1970s, a man throws Munchie locked in a trunk down a bottomless pit, I guess Munchie is the worst. Jump to the early 1990s, Gage (Jamie McEnnan) is a strange little kid, with an active imagination but not many friends. His mom (Loni Anderson) is dating a guy he hates, Dr. Elliot Carlisle (Andrew Stevens.) So Gage is having a rough time of life, he does have one friend Professor Cruikshank (Arte Johnson) who seems to be an archeologist. Since Gage doesn't have friends, he spends a lot of time alone, while wandering around he finds an abandoned mine. There he finds a locked trunk and out pops Munchie! (Voiced by Don Delouise!)

Munchie is instantly Gage's friend and he tries to help Gage make more friends. Munchie has some random weird powers, like the ability to make a pizza fly from the shop to Gage's room. Munchie embarasses Gage's principal, I guess because the principal has been hard on Gage. After some other random events, Munchie throws a party for Gage. Gage is about 10 years old, but this party would have been more appropriate for a teen or older because the only kid that is invited is Gage's crush Andrea (Jennifer Love Hewitt.) Everyone else at the party is an adult, some are dressed in costumes, but there is a keg of beer and a live band. Gage's mom comes back early from her date with Dr. Carlisle to find the party. Dr. Carlisle discovers Munchie and wants to do experiments on him. Gage gets Professor Cruikshank and together the save Munchie from Dr. Carlisle, then Munchie decides to join Prof. Cruikshank on his next archeological adventure. 

To be honest I couldn't remember most of the plot, so I had to look up some other people's summaries to jog my memory. It all just seemed like a blur of Munchie changing outfits and making life terrible for Gage. I don't see why is Loni Anderson appealing as the mom, the future step dad, Dr. Carlisle is the worst too. The motors that work Munchie's face don't seem to work, he should have been a puppet that actually looked like he's talking instead of crazy servos going nuts. Munchie is pretty hard to look at and unbearable as a character, he doesn't seem to help Gage at all, and Gage is pretty unappealing too. But I guess they made a sequel to this sequel, which I will not be watching.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Watched January 10, 2016

Starring: Mario Van Peebles, Eriq La Salle, Tazia Valenza, Leo O'Brien

I just watched the documentary Electric Boogaloo about the Cannon production company, and forgot that I had added Rappin'  to my netflix dvd queue a long time ago. Breakin' pretty much sums up how the Cannon system worked: get an idea that people are excited about, sell it based on a poster, not a script, then make up the movie as you shoot it.

Rappin' came out after Breakin' but is trying to capitalize on the same movement. John "Rappin'" Hood (Mario Van Peebles) is just out of jail for something and he comes back to his old neighborhood, which is very run down. He lives with his grandma and his younger brother Allan (Leo O'Brien), who at first seems like a very good kid, but it will come out of nowhere that he has some problems. At the local dance club John runs into the main white asshole, Duane (Charlie Flohe) who is dating Dixie (Tazia Valenza), a girl that John likes but never officially dated. I don't know why Duane hates John but he makes it very clear he is not happy that John is back in the neighborhood.

An evil developer, is trying to push everyone out of the neighborhood so he build something more profitable, I can't remember exactly what.  The developer sends his lackey to try to evict everyone, plus he gets the heat turned off which seems super illegal to the tenants. 

Dixie is an assistant at a local recording studio. With her boss they hold an audition for local rap talent. Dixie really thinks John has some talent, so they get him to audition and he's supposedly really great. He has been rappin' all throughout the movie but it's pretty raw, but I guess he's got a lot of talent.

Out of nowhere, Allan steals the stereo of the lackey trying to evict everyone and sells it to the local shady pawn guy. John doesn't want his brother to end up in juvenile detention so he tells the lackey says he'll get the stereo back, so the lackey won't press charges.  The lackey then pays the evil white gang, lead by Duane a bunch of money to threaten everyone in the neighborhood to leave.

John is so talented that the music producer pays him to come audition.  John needs the money to buy the stereo from the pawn shop. By the time he gets back to the pawn shop, the stereo is gone and Allan is already in juvenile detention. John threatens the lackey, who didn't get Allan arrested, it was actually Duane. John figures out what has Duane is behind all the neighborhood intimidation so their gangs get into a fight. John and his friends win, and somehow the developer isn't able to take over the neighborhood, again the details don't make a ton of sense in a movie that is mostly just a vehicle to have some rap songs.

The end credits are the best because everyone raps, and I mean everyone including Dixie. There is a crazy scene where the local slutty lady pretends to seduce the oil truck driver while John and his friends steal it and give heating oil to all their neighbors. One of John's friends works in a produce warehouse which is just an opportunity for John's gang to rap about their fat friend Fats having a snack attack. The rapping is terrible even if Ice-T is in it. The plot doesn't make much sense, if that isn't obvious by how many details I've quickly forgotten. The outfits are pretty cool though, Dixie wears some giant sweaters.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Flesh Eating Mothers

Watched December 1, 2015

Starring: Robert Lee Oliver, Donatella Hecht, Neal Rosen, Valerie Hubbard

It begins with a man out hunting in a snow covered forest. He looks down and is surprised to find that his arm has been ripped off. He turns and shoots his wife.

Jump to the suburbs where we meet a bunch of moms who look the same age as their "teenage" kids. All the moms seem to have various different issues with the men in their lives. Some are divorced, some have abusive husbands, but the commonality is that they are all moms. One on the married men in the neighborhood,  I don't remember anyone's name except for one kid called Rinaldi, works as a freelance lawyer. But he uses that as a front to cheat on his wife and have sex with all the women in the neighborhood. 

 It turns out that his man is a carrier for an STD that only manifests itself in women who've had kids. Once infected it gives these women insatiable hunger, so intense that they become monsters and start eating people, even their own children.

The teenagers in the neighborhood come home to see their moms eating their younger siblings and they know something is up. They all come together to figure out what has happened to their mom.

That is the general plot of this movie, and although completely terrible I would have to say that I loved it! The music is very weird and great. Lots of blood and ripping off of limbs, there is a cat that is ripped in half.

 The VD clinic is a wood paneled basement with handmade signs about VD. The sexy nurse discovers the virus, which when viewed under a microscope is shown as a poorly made cartoon-y animation. All the teens finally make it to the police coroner and they tell him what is happening with their moms. The nurse makes an antidote and each teen has to give it to their own mom, but it does work.

At the end the carrier husband gets his when his face is ripped off. One of the moms eats her toddler. The long island acting is subtle to say the least. But it totally delivers, the plot makes sense, there is lots of gore and several people fall in love. The abused mom has a crazy jaws and she eats her husbands hand.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Thirteenth Floor

Watched November 17, 2015

Starring: Craig Bierko, Gretchen Mol, Vincent D'Onofrio

This was on a couple lists of movies about the internet or visualization of virtual reality technology so when I found a copy at a thrift store I figured it was time to check it out. The cover really looks they were trying to capitalize on the success of The Matrix, even though I think this movie was released first, but with the VHS release they added the green scrolling numbers to hint at a similar story. There are some slight similarities in creating a virtual world, but The Thirteenth Floor is by no means The Matrix. 

Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko) works in tech with Jason (Vincent D'Onofrio) and they are making some sort of virtual reality world game. Hannon Fuller (Armin Mueller Stahl) who had also been working on the game is found murdered and it seems like Douglas is a main suspect. Hannon has been going into the virtual world, even though it wasn't ready to be tested. The game takes them to a very realistic virtual world of 1937. Before Hannon was murdered he left clues for Douglas to find in the virtual world. A mysterious lady, Jane (Gretchen Mol) who claims to be Hannon's daughter, shows up and wants to shut down the company, as per her father's last wishes. Douglas is being pursued by the cops so he goes into the virtual world game to try to figure out what really happened to Hannon so he can clear his name. To enter the virtual world you end up taking over  the body of an existing character, which makes the transition very difficult as you character has a life and story before you start the game and you have to pick up the pieces.

Douglas begins to get some clues about the virtual world they have built that lead him back to questions what is going on his world. He finds another version of Jane in his reality that makes him questions what is connecting the virtual world to the world he believes to be real. Jane ends up explaining that Douglas's world is also virtual, it is one of many virtual worlds built by her husband David, who happens to be the model for Douglas. 

David comes to kill Jane for falling in love with Douglas who is only a simulation. Through multiple virtual worlds this is stopped. David is killed and Jane brings Douglas back to her world, the world that built all the virtual reality worlds. It's super confusing.
It's weird that Hannon, Douglas and Jason who created the 1937 virtual world can't manipulate it, but I guess in hindsight that may have something to do with it being a virtual world within a virtual world. I bet the short story that is based on is really great, but as a movie it's mostly confusing and kind of dull. The best part is when Douglas tries to drive to the limit of the world, which happened to be the desert of Arizona. When he gets there it's just wireframes, which looks pretty neat. I wish more of the movie looked like that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Watched November 10, 2015

Starring: Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Scott Grimes, Nadine Van der Velde

Outer Space
A bunch of Krites escape a prison asteroid on a stolen space ship. The alien warden of the jail hires two faceless bounty hunters to capture them, as the Krites are very dangerous. It is determined that Earth is the only habitable planet around so the Krites must be headed there.

Grover's Bend, Kansas
The Brown family live on a small farm. The teen sister, April (Nadine Van de Velde) is into making out with her latest boyfriend Steve (Billy Zane) and teasing her younger brother Brad (Scott Grimes). Brad likes making explosives. Later that afternoon, hanging out with the local drunken weirdo, Brad gets in trouble for using a slingshot to hit a rock at April, even though it was a accident. Because of this he doesn't get dinner and is confined to his room. April bring Steve over for dinner, then they go make out in the barn. 

The critters do crash land on Earth and are looking for something to eat. They first mutilate a cow, that Brad and his dad, Jay (Billy Green Bush) find. Back at the house, they hear something moving around in the cellar. Jay goes to check it out and it attacked by some of the Critters. The Critter can shoot paralyzing spikes, which is really cool. Since they are pretty small, this is a great attack for them to take down larger prey. The Critters already attacked some local cops in town and they torn up the phone lines so the Brown family are stranded on their farm.

April and Steve are attacked in the barn by a critter, Steve is killed but April is saved by Brad. The space bounty hunters show up, one of them has taken the face of Johnny Steele, a famous rock singer. The other bounty hunter doesn't pick a permanent face, instead keeps taking faces of random people they run into. Once the bounty hunter lands, they find the cop the critters killed and take his car. They don't know how to drive so they run into the church. When they don't get any information about the critters, they shoot up the place. They go to the bowling alley but don't get a lot of information and shoot it up too.

Once the bounty hunters get to the farm house they start blasting critters until only a couple are left. One of the Critters grew to be very large and takes April back to its space ship. I'm assuming at some point they found time to fix the ship. Brad manages to get April out of the ship and leaves an explosive, but he can't light it in time. The town drunk makes a molotov cocktail and throws it in to the Critters space ship as it is taking off. As the Critters are flying away they blow up the Brown's home with laser blasts. But not too long after the molotov cocktail explodes and the Critters are blow up.

The bounty hunters give Brad a special medallion thing when they leave the planet. Brad touches the medallion, it glows and the Brown's house comes back together as if it was never blow up in the first place. You think the critters are gone but they left a couple eggs in the Brown barn to set up Critters 2.

I'm sure it's all about perspective when you watch a lot of bad movie and moderately fine movie will seem like the best movie ever. I really liked Critters, it was super fun. It had some excellent humor element and the Critters were both cute and a little scary. They also did funny things like push the kid's bike over randomly. This is a great combination of light horror and comedy. There are a lot of sequels that I'm not totally sure I'm ready for, but this is a fun one on its own.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Watched November 3, 2015

Starring: Robert Glaudini, Demi Moore, Al Fann, Vivian Blaine

It begins with a strange sequence where a scientist, Dr. Paul Dean (Robert Glaudini) is working in his lab that is filled with red fog. It is revealed that he is working with parasites, but then he is unexpectedly punched in the face by a businessman. In the tussle, Paul knocks over the container with the parasite, which escapes and works its way into his body. There are also some flashes of him being tied to a weird operating table, so perhaps he was supposed to be infected the whole time.

In the year 1992:
Some kind of apocalypse has happened and the world is run by a strange company called Xyrex. The suburbs have been turned into work farms. Dr. Dean, infected with the parasite, has stolen a van with his scientific equipment and driven to remote Joshua, California where about 60 people live. 

 He checks into a boarding house and seems pretty sickly. He has a thermos with a larger parasite inside, and is injecting himself to control his own parasite. A bunch of street kids show up and hassle him, they end up stealing a bunch of his stuff, beating him up and taking him back to the garage where they all live. They are curious about what is in his thermos, open it and the parasite attaches itself to Zeke (Tom Villard.) They can't get it off so they blame Dr. Dean. Patricia ( Demi Moore) a local young lady who isn't involved with the street toughs, rescues  Dr. Dean and takes him back to her house which is even more remote than the tiny town.

In the meantime, the Xyrex businessman is trying to find Dr. Dean.  He has a laser gun that he cuts an old man's hand off with. He has a couple run-ins with the street toughs, since one of them used to be a businessman like himself.

The parasite kills Zeke, then grows massively larger and attaches itself to Dana (Cherie Currie.) They take Dana to Collins (Al Fann), the local merchant. Even though they were just hassling him the day before. They get Dana to the boarding house run by Miss Elizabeth (Vivian Blaine), but Dana dies anyway, which releases the parasite to find another host. The parasite then attacks Miss Elizabeth and it explodes out of her face. Dr. Dean and Patricia are now trying to get the larger parasite, because Dr. Dean needs it for some reason. He gets his equipment from his room and manages to remove his internal parasite with a oscilloscope or electricity or something. Dr. Dean and Patricia escape the boarding house before the evil businessman and the  larger parasite and the businessman are blown up. The End.

While not a great movie by any mean there is a nice build up to some of the better special effects, specifically when the parasite bursts out of Miss Elizabeth's face. They don't completely explain the dystopian world and some of the character motivation is hard to decipher. Times are obviously tough since all the merchant has to sell is canned soup. The businessman seems like he gave Dr. Dean the parasite so it's weird that he is trying to get it back. That is never explained. Then it ends. After watching it I saw a trailer that showed the main marketing for this movie focused on it being in 3D, so the plot really just had to throw a lot of thing in the audience's face for it to be a hit.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Watched October 27, 2015

Starring: Lance Hendrikson, Jeff East, Kerry Remsen, Florence Schauffler,

I first saw this at a slumber party in 6th grade and it scared the crap out of me. This was my first revisit since then, and while not as scary as I remembered it, it's still a solid monster movie.

Ed Harley (Lance Hendrikson) and his young son Billy run a rural general store. A group of city teenagers stop by the store on their way to a vacation cabin in the woods. They have motorcycles with them and while stopped two of the guys start riding around the dirt field nearby. 

A local customer stops by to pick up some things and it turns out that Ed forgot some feed or something that the customer ordered. Ed leaves to get the feed from his house, leaving Billy and his dog to mind the store, which is nuts. Not too long after Ed leaves, the dog runs after the motorcycles and Billy runs after the dog. The first guy on his motorcycles goes off a dune, does a jump, sees Billy and dog and manages to turn out of the way. Right behind him comes the second motorcycle, which doesn't turn in time and hits the kid. The guy that hits the kid freaks out because he's had a couple of beers and is on probation anyway. He grabs his girlfriend and they speed off in his sportscar to the cabin.

The rest of the group is concerned but they can't find a phone to call anyone from the General store. Two of the teens stay with the kid while a couple others drive off to find help. Ed comes back to find his son mostly dead and he is devastated. He wraps his son in a blanket, doesn't try to take him to a doctor, instead he goes to the rural farmer and delivers the feed like he promised.While at the farm Ed asks some kids about Pumpkinhead, a local revenge demon legend. The farmer won't have anything to do with it, but one of his kids tells Ed that he will show him where to find Haggis, the old crone witch.

Haggis (Florence Schauffler) lives in a dilapidated old shack on a swamp. Ed is so distraught he will do anything to get revenge. Haggis warms him that this is not what he really wants, but Ed is adamant. She tells him to go to a specific old pumpkin patch/graveyard and dig up a specific site. He digs up a skeleton and brings it back to Haggis. She begins the spell that uses Ed's blood to bring Pumpkinhead, the revenge demon to life.

Pumpkinhead comes to life and begins to kill the teens one by one. But as Pumpkinhead kills, Ed feels and sees through Pumpkinhead's eyes the murders, which is more intense than he imagined. Ed quickly gets sick of the revenge killing and helps the last two kids who weren't terrible survive. Ed kills himself to destroy Pumpkinhead since they were connected.

After watching so many really low budget terrible movies this one is pretty good. The effects hold up. The plot is very simple but at least makes sense and all the actors do a good job. It's a nice country versus city slickers tale with a super weird monster thrown in. It really made me think about the crone Haggis and how she got to be an old conjurer. What was she like when she was young? Who trained her in revenge spells? Why does she still do this if she knows it always turns out bad? Maybe someone will make a movie about her.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Nightmare City

Watched October 20, 2015

Starring: Hugo Stiglitz, Laura Trotter, Maria Rosario Omaggio, Francisco Rabal

A mysterious plane lands at the city airport, air control doesn't know exactly where it's coming from but they do know that a renowned  scientist is supposed to be on board. It's greeted by the police and military since they don't know if it may be aggressive. Once the doors open a hoard of zombies rush out and kill everyone with knives, axes and guns. The reporter who was assigned to cover the landing of the plane, Dean (Hugo Stiglitz) goes back to his news station and does a special report, but he is cut off by the military. They don't want to freak everyone out since they don't know exactly what the situation is. 

The TV station is currently running a crazy dance show on with dancers in tiny leotards. The zombies make to the news station and kill everyone. The military find a zombie corpse and figure the only way to kill them is to shoot them in the brain. These zombies love stabbing and cutting off boobs. Their makeup looks like lazy masks, some are better that others in detail. 

Dean, the reporter heads to the hospital to warn his doctor wife, Anna (Laura Trotter) about the zombies. He arrives after the zombies show up and kill a ton of people. Dean and Anna manage to escape in a small hatch back ambulance. They drive off to the countryside as they don't really know what to do.

There is a subplot with the sculptor wife of one of the military guys. Introduced as they are making out at their home, he is called away to deal with the zombie crisis. Once he realizes what is happening he calls his wife to tell her to lock the doors and don't let anyone any. Not to much later she is tricked by a lawnmower running on its own in her yard, she goes outside and leaves the door open for a second. This lets some zombies into her home that later attack her and her friend.

Dean and Anna run out of gas and stop at a rest stop with a snack shack. It doesn't seem like anyone is there but they do discover a bloody ax. They take their time at the snack shack and make instant coffee, then the zombies show up and try to take their car. Anna and Dean blow the car up with a molotov cocktail to kill the zombies, then they run to an amusement park. But the park has already been attacked by zombies. Dean and Anna find a jeep, but then are found by the zombies. They climb to the top of a roller coaster and are saved by a general in a helicopter, but the wife has a hard time climbing the rope and she falls. The reporter wakes up and thinks its all a dream until it comes true and we watch the beginning footage again. It was not a dream but a premonition.

 Zombies aren't particularly my favorite horror monster but this group are some of the toughest, smartest zombies I've seen in a long time. All the military are terrible at shooting them but the zombies are great at killing. How the zombies are created in the first place isn't clearly explained, they may have flown over some toxic waste. I enjoyed that the women weren't completely weak, they often could fight off the zombies fairly well. In spite of the some positives, this very low budget film is still pretty tough to get through. The zombie make up is very poor and inconsistent between characters. Plus Dean waking up and thinking it was a dream only to have to be shown the first ten minutes all over again was pretty tough.